UMass Health Econ Work-in-Progress Series

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Spring 2023 Schedule: Wednesdays 12-1PM in Stockbridge Hall 303
02/22: Vini Singh (UMass ResEc)
03/01: Brandyn Churchill (UMass ResEc)
03/08: David Bradford (UGA Public Admin and Policy)
03/22: Sherry Gao (UMass ResEc)
03/29: Lucy Wang (UMass ResEc)
04/05: Jamie Mullins (UMass ResEc)
04/12: Melissa McInerney (Tufts Econ)
04/19: Chanup Jeung (UMass Health Policy Post-Doc)
04/26: Christopher Boone (UMass Econ)
05/03: Courtney Coile (Wellesley Econ)
05/10: Michal Horný (Emory Schools of Medicine & Public Health)
05/17: Sparshi Srivastava (UMass ResEc PhD Candidate)