Carleton University

  • Selected Topics in Economic Policy (ECON 5065): This course provides an overview of selected topics at the forefront of Economic Policy from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. Topics include regulations of risky behaviors, environmental reforms, education policy, and government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Fall 2021)
  • Health Economics (ECON 3460): Health as an economic good: demand and need; supply and cost. Public health and personal health care. Alternative health-care delivery systems: financing, performance, quality, and cost effectiveness. (Fall 2021)

Washington and Lee University

Adjunct Assistant Professor

  • Applied Statistics (INTR 202): An examination of the principal applications of statistics in accounting, business, economics, and politics. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. (Winter 2020, Fall 2020 x2, Winter 2021 x2)

Vanderbilt University


  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 1010): The role of scarcity and prices in allocating resources. National income, fluctuations in unemployment and price level, monetary and fiscal policy. (Summer 2019)

San Diego State University


  • Principles of Economics (ECON 101): Principles of economic analysis, economic institutions, and issues of public policy. Emphasis on macroanalysis including national income analysis, money and banking, business cycles, and economic stabilization (Fall 2015 x2, Spring 2016).